The American Backpacker


I enjoy backpacking in remote and rugged wilderness areas throughout North America.  I started this website to provide you with product reviews, survival tips, and important backpacking information to make your stay in a wilderness area enjoyable and safe.

My background and experience as a wilderness backpacker began in the military.   I served and trained with very elite and distinguished units.

  • US Army’s 10th Mountain Division.
  • US Army’s 3rd Squadron 5th U.S Calvalry.
  • US Army Airborne School.
  • US Army Ranger’s (Ranger School).
  • US Army Special Forces (SFAS Training).

My military training consisted of :

  • Survival Training
  • Mountaineering
  • Patrol Tactics
  • Medical Training
  • Land Navigation
  • Leadership Skills

I attended the U.S Army’s Ranger School, (Class 12-86) where I earned my Ranger Tab.  I spent time training at the J.F.K. (John F. Kennedy’s) Special Warfare School located in Fort Bragg, (North Carolina) as a Special Forces Medic.

US Army Rangers
US Army Ranger Class 12-86 (Top Row Right 2nd in from the letter R)

I spent one year in Jalalabad (Jbad), Afghanistan, training the Afghan National Police (ANP).  My diverse military background along with my years of wilderness backpacking experience is what I bring to you.

A wilderness area provides you solitude and adventure.  It also presents many dangers from the environment to its wildlife.  I have found that a wilderness backpacker can learn allot about themselves and what they are capable of doing both physically and mentally. Wilderness backpacking is a challenge but with the proper planning it can open up a new world for those who dare to take on these challenges. 

I am here to share with you my experiences to make your adventure memorable and safe.  Please follow along as I provide you the tools for your next wilderness adventure.