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This post is in correlation to my Questions video. Below are some of the questions that I received on my social media sites.  The video below are my answers to the questions.



-What are some real life wilderness lessons learned from success or failures during your military service? Do you purchase/use military gear (surplus) or new mainstream gear? How do you plan for a day hike or multi day trip? What preparation or concerns do you have as a solo hiker (two and four legged threats. Hints and tricks for fire starting. Thank you for this channel and all you do!


-Hey Andy. Love your channel. Are you married? Do you have any children? Any grandchildren? How do you keep your kitchen so squared away, lol

Asked By: MIKE N.

-If you kill an animal in Florida in self defense that may be out of season or non game do you have to report it and can you harvest it?


-Are there any areas in the ocala national forest where I can’t carry my pistol? Concealed or open carry. I understand you are not a lawyer but I know you open carry so any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

-Where are some of your favorite camping spots in florida?

Asked By: LS

-Thank you for all you do and for your service. Have you ever considered doing a “meet-up” or some sort of survival type course?

Asked By: COREY S.

I see you have hiked the Fl trail through Ocala. Have you ever gone off trail bushwhacking and find some hidden sink hole or amazing camp site? Just wondering since I have mainly stuck to the Fl trail in Ocala.

The above were some of the questions asked that I answered in the below video.

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