Arc’Teryx Bora Ar 63 Backpack

Arc’Teryx Bora AR 63 Backpack


The Arc’teryx Bora AR 63, is rugged and durable backpack ready for any outdoor Wilderness Adventure. The Arc’teryx Bora series backpack has been very popular since it was introduced 1994. In 2017, the Arc’teryx Bora was redesigned enhancing its functionality and performance.

The Arc’teryx Bora AR 63 is a multi functional backpack. It excels especially in mountainous terrain. The redesign of the Bora made it lighter and more weather resistant. However, the biggest change came on its hip belt. Arc’teryx incorporated a new concept called the Roto-Glide.  

The Roto-Glide mechanism allows the hip belt to rotate laterally, (side to side) and vertically (up and down).  The Bora’s new shoulder harness system can also  be easily adjusted using a Grid lock system built into the pack.

The Roto-Glide hip belt allows the pack to move with you making it easier to carry heavy loads. The benefit is that you are able to navigate rougher terrain more easily. The key is to insure that the Bora 63 is fitted properly and the hip belt is tightly cinched around your waist. When the Bora  63 is properly fitted it shifts a majority of the packs weight to your hips and not your shoulders.

The new Arc’teryx Bora AR 63 pack comes in Men’s sizes of 50 and 63 Liter volumes, and Women’s sizes of 49 and 61 Liter volumes. A 63-liter pack equates to approximately 16 gallons (volume). The Arc’teryx Bora AR 63 currently comes in (2) colors, Titanium and Blue.

I currently have an Arc’teryx Altra 75 Backpack and I enjoy using it. The hip belt on the Altra rotates laterally like the Bora but not vertically. My reason for purchasing the Bora 63 was to have a smaller pack for my 1 to 5 day Wilderness Adventures. Having prior experience with Arc’teryx backpacks the Bora 63 fit my needs. I am looking forward on using this backpack in an upcoming overnight Wilderness adventure into the Juniper Prairie Wilderness with some heavy weight.

The Bora 63 does have one negative. That negative was the price. The Arc’teryx Bora 63 comes with a hefty price tag. Online it is selling for $500 to $550 U.S. dollars. This price will likely deter many from purchasing it especially when you can find a good backpack for a half the price. I can understand those sentiments but you are not purchasing a good backpack. You are purchasing an excellent backpack. Much of my reasoning for purchasing this pack was because of my great experiences with a similar Arc’teryx backpack, the Altra 75. Stop by a local retailer who sell this pack and try one on.  I am sure that you will like the fit, feel, and comfort.

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