Basecamp Perimeter Alarm System

Basecamp Perimeter Security System


Having a basecamp perimeter alarm system on your wilderness adventures will  give you some piece of mind that unwanted animals or people will not wander into your evening basecamp. I am hearing of more incidents involving animals coming into wilderness backpackers basecamps especially for food. The animals I am talking about are not raccoons, squirrels, or possums, but larger species such as bears, mountain lions and unwanted human visitors.

When I go into the Wilderness for my overnight adventures I always carry a trip wire alarm system. Trip wire alarm systems are not new, but they are portable and easy to set up depending on the terrain you are in. I usually set up a trip wire alarm system in my basecamps but there are times that it is not possible due to terrain.

Remember my acronym before setting up your basecamp, (W.E.S.S.).  Look for the following when determining where to place your basecamp:

  • Water
  • Elevation
  • Safety
  • Security

Using this acronym will help you situate your basecamp in a safe and secure area. Once your basecamp is set up you can add a trip wire alarm system to add more security to your evening basecamp.

A tripwire alarm system in very portable, lightweight, and easy to set up. I have used this system and it has worked to scare off animals that have wandered into my basecamp in the early morning hours. The main point for having this system is to scare off animals or other unwanted people with a high-pitched audible sound. The system consists of the following:

  • An audible alert device, (BASU E-Alarm) there are other manufacturers in the market.
  • A Bungee cord to secure the device to an object such as a tree
  • Fishing line, (I use 100 pound test), to connect your device to an adjoining tree or other object.

I take my device and I bungee cord it to a tree using a clip at the end of the bungee cord. You can use other object such as a rock if a tree is not available. I then connect my fishing line to the device and then run it to an opposing tree/object. I will place the system no higher than 2 feet from the ground, terrain dictating. I usually set up a minimum of three alarms in a triangular formation.

Below is a quick video on how to set up and deploy a trip wire alarm system. You can modify it to meet your specific needs.

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