Flir Scout TK (Thermal Imager)

Flir Scout TK Thermal Imager


The Flir Scout TK is a pocket-sized thermal imager that you should consider having on your wilderness adventure. The FLIR Scout TK allows you to see objects that emit a heat signature such as a person’s body heat.  Thermal imagers have historically been very expensive to buy. The introduction of the FLIR Scout TK has changed this

The FLIR Scout TK is lightweight unit that can reasonably detect objects up to 100 yards away. The unit runs about $600 dollars before taxes.

The FLIR Scout Specifications

  • Weight: < 7 oz.
  • Detector Type 160 X 120 Microbolometer
  • Refresh Rate: 9Hz
  • Field of View: 20 Degrees x 16 Degrees
  • Display: 640 X 480 LCD
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium (5 Hours Run Time)
  • Images: Able to take up to 1000 images
  • Able to take up to 4 hours of video
  • Color Palettes: 8 color selectable

I did a field test on this unit while on a wilderness expedition in the Hells Canyon Wilderness located in Idaho. The unit is not only portable and lightweight (less than 7 oz.), but also very durable. Throughout my 4-night 5-day adventure I had the unit in my pocket or in my backpack without a case. I never had to charge the unit during my trip and I used it at my basecamp in the evening.

Having this unit with you in a wilderness area allows you to have a safe and more relaxed stay at your basecamp at night.  All thermal imagers can be used in complete darkness during the day since it detects heat and not light. 

The FLIR Scout is very simple to use and it has 8 color palettes to choose from.  This unit can also be used around your house for security or for other daily activities when you are not in a Wilderness environment .

Below is my FLIR Scout TK video that I made while on my adventure in the Hells Canyon Wilderness (Idaho). The introduction of this affordable thermal imager it is something you may consider having on your next wilderness adventure.

Flir TK Scout Thermal Imager Field Test Video (Hells Canyon Wilderness)