Multi Purpose Hand Wipes

Hand Wipes


Wysi wipes are a multi purpose field wipe used for various applications.  I came across Wysi Wipes while I was doing some research on some field gear for my next Wilderness Backpacking Adventure.  Wysi Wipes are unique because they come in a small lightweight round tablet.

They weigh less than 2 grams and they are about ¾ inches in diameter.  They are made of a biodegradable plant fiber that has no scent and is chemical free.  For those individuals with sensitive skin this product will not irritate your skin.

Wysi Wipes need water to activate them.  Once water is applied they expand into a rectangular moist toilette about 9 inches by 12 inches.

Wysi Wipes can be used for a multitude of things.  You can wipe your face, clean your hands, or use it for your bathroom needs.  The web site for the company if you would like to do some more research is have attached a video below with a demonstration on how water activates it. The product speaks for itself and I will not be doing a field test on it.  I will be taking it with me on my next Wilderness Expedition to see if it is something I will use for future trips.