Ocala National Forest (Juniper Prairie Wilderness

My Overnight Adventure into the Juniper Prairie Wilderness (Jan 2018)

The American Backpacker

My overnight trip into the Juniper Prairie Wilderness located in the Ocala National Forest.  This adventure was in January 2018 and the evenings had temps in the low 40’s.  The Juniper Prairie Wilderness encompasses one of four wilderness areas in Ocala.

The Juniper Prairie Wilderness is one of the more scenic wilderness areas in the Ocala National Forest.  I enjoy backpacking this area and even though there are no mountains in Ocala the Juniper Prairie Wilderness has open areas where you can see the Sand Pine Scrub ecosystem Ocala is known for.

The winters can get very cold so make sure you bring the necessary clothing and gear.  Freezing temperatures can occur and when you mix that with rain Florida is noted for it can lead to Hypothermia.  The Summers are very hot and humid.  The best time to backpack the Ocala National Forest is during the winter months, (October thru February).