Klymit Static V Air Mat

Klymit Static V Sleeping Mat


I have read many good reviews on the Klymit Series (Air Mats).   I decided to buy one, Klymit Static V Camo, and field test it on an overnight trip into the Juniper Prairie Wilderness.  The Klymit Static V Camo is an insulated  4-season air mat with an r-value  of 4.4.  It weighs about 24.1 ounces, and it measures 72” L x 23” W x 2.5” H.  This air mat is made of a 75D Polyester material making it a bit heavier but very durable for rough Wilderness terrain.

The weight and r-value for this 4-season air mat is comparative to other more expensive air mats in the market place.  Klymit manufactures a variety of air mats to meet the needs of the outdoor adventurer.  Klymit also manufactures these air mats in a variety of colors to include camouflage.

The temperatures during my stay dipped into the lower 40’s.  For a Floridian that is cold.  I found a clearing off the Florida Trail and I set up my basecamp.  This air mat held up very well during my field test and it kept me warm.  The 4.4 r-value insulated me from the cold ground.   The V design air baffle system allowed me to have a comfortable nights sleep.  I slept both on my back and side. Overall, I was very happy with its performance and comfort.  I observed no visible signs of air loss when I awoke in the morning.

I purchased this air mat on Amazon for about $65 dollars (Prices vary online).  Klymit also manufactures sleeping bags and air pillows.  If you are in the market for a good quality air mat at an affordable cost try a Klymit.   I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

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