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This post is about a video that I uploaded to my You Tube Channel called “Questions and Answers”. I created this video so I can interact more with those who want to know more about me or Wilderness Backpacking. This is my first video which will be followed by a second video giving you the answers to your questions. To ask a question please click on this link, Click on the this linkto ask your question. Put your question in the videos comment section.

I am not sure how many questions I will receive, but I will do my best to answer the questions on a second video that I will post on January the 27th. That video will be posted on my You Tube Channel so you will have to return back to see if your question was answered. You are always welcome to post questions here at my website if you choose. If you post it on the video comments section on my You Tube Channel you can see other questions that people have asked.

If this Q&A goes well I will incorporate more of these videos on my You Tube Channel with possibly a live chat session in the near future. I look forward in doing my best to answer all questions that are reasonable of course so you get to know a little bit more about me and my passion for Remote and Rugged Wilderness Backpacking.

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