NEMO Hornet 2P Tent

Nemo Hornet 2P Tent (Re-Designed)


The NEMO Hornet 2 Person tent is a 3 season ultra-light double walled tent made for some remote and rugged wilderness backpacking. The NEMO Hornet is not a new tent for backpackers but a newly redesigned version that gives you more head and foot space volume. NEMO designs quality tents with a lifetime warranty. Below are the specifications from their website on the newly redesigned Hornet 2P Tent.

Specifications and Sizing

Minimum Weight1 lb , 15 oz / 878 g
Packed Weight2 lb , 6 oz / 1.08 kg
Packed Size19.5 x 5.5 in dia / 50 x 14 cm dia
Peak Height39 in / 98 cm
Floor Area27.5 sq ft / 2.6 sq m
Floor Dimensions85 x 51/43 in / 215 x 130/108 cm
Vestibule Area7.1 sq ft + 7.1 sq ft / 0.7 sq m + 0.7 sq m

The above specifications come from the NEMO website. The specification card that comes with the NEMO Hornet has the minimum weight of 1 lb 14 oz. and the packed weight is 2 lbs 4 oz.

The NEMO Hornet has 3 design changes that I will discuss and illustrate. The first redesign change are the (2) patent pending Flybar attachments located at the top of the tent. These Flybars expand the upper canopy allowing for more headroom.

Pictured above are the (2) Flybar attachments

The second redesign change is the placement of a rigid stay bar located at the corners of the foot box. This design allows for the foot box area to remain open when tension is applied to the corners of the tent canopy tie down cords. The stays are made of some type of flexible poly tubing sewn into the tents corners.

Pictured above are the two tie down lines. Between these tie downs there is a plastic poly tubing sewn into the tent preventing the corners from collapsing when tension is put on the cords.

The third redesign change are the smaller clips attaching the tent to the DAC poles.

Smaller clips used to attach the canopy to the poles.

The NEMO Hornets minimum weight is 1 pounds 14 ounces with a packed weight of 2 pounds 4 ounces, (this weight comes from the booklet that comes with this tent).  Minimum weight and packed weight can be confusing to understand.  The minimum weight of the tent includes the tent canopy, the rainfly, and the poles.  This weight equates to 1 pound. 14 ounces.   The packed weight includes the tent stakes, extra cordage, and repair kit.  This weight equates to 2 pounds 4 ounces.  I weighed my new tent and it came in at 2 pounds 6 ounces with everything included, (packed weight).  I used my fishing scale which is fairly accurate.

Pictures above taken from the NEMO Website

When I select a tent for my wilderness adventures I want to be comfortable in it.  I normally purchase a 2 person tent which for me usually means that it is a one person tent due to my size.  I am 6’3” tall and I weigh 235 pounds Comfort is very important especially if I have to stay in a tent for an extended period of time due to weather.  When I lay in this tent I have ample space to comfortably lay down and move around freely. I can sit up in the tent with no problems due to the increased headspace.

The Hornet has 2 side pockets and a mesh pocket on top of the tent. The top pocket allows you to put your headlamp in it to illuminate the tent at night. The top mesh pocket is designed to diffuse the light and amplify it throughout the tent. The Hornet has 2 large doors which allows you quick entry and exits from either side. Both doors allow me to store my gear on both sides when the rainfly is on. This is an added benefit for a single backpacker. If two people are utilizing the tent then they each have a door to enter and exit the tent. They also have their own storage area next to the their respective door.

The zippers on the door open and close very easily without binding up. The zipper on the rain fly also opens and closes easily. The seam on the rainfly is far enough away from the zipper which allows you to open and close without the flap getting caught in the zipper. I have had issues with opening and closing some rainflys. The zipper would get caught in the flaps of the rainfly causing some issues opening and closing especially if it rained and the rainfly was wet.

The tent is a semi free standing tent that requires you to stake out the footbox area for full functionality of this tent. The tent sells for approximately $350.00 dollars online. Before you purchase it make sure that you get the updated model since some retailer are still selling the older version at a reduced price without the above modifications.

There are many good tent designers and manufactures in the market. I currently use Big Agnes tents with no complaints. I have used NEMO in the past and with the redesign of this tent I expect to be using it frequently on my expeditions. I will be doing a field test on this tent with a video on that expedition. The below video is my backyard setup of this tent with me in it.

My Backyard Review and Specifications of the NEMO Hornet 2P Tent

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