Juniper Prairie Wilderness (Sunset)

The Sheet Bend Knot


The Sheet Bend Knot is also called the Weaver’s Knot.  This knot is my third wilderness knot in my series of knots you need to know in a wilderness area.  The Sheet Bend Knot is used to join (2) ropes together.  The ropes joined can be of different diameter’s or the same diameter.  Caution should be used when using this knot to insure you keep tension on it.

The knot can come loose without proper tension.  This knot allows a Wilderness Adventurer to extend ropes when needed.  Many times when you are at your basecamp you may have ropes that are cut different lengths for various applications.

When you need to use a longer rope this knot will allow you to easily and quickly extend the length of that particular rope.



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