The Tautline Hitch

The Taut line Hitch Rope Knot


The Taut-line Hitch is a wilderness rope knot that has various applications at your basecamp.  The Taut-line Hitch is an adjustable tensioning knot that can be used when you are securing your tent guy lines.  Many tents have tensioning adjusters that are cheap and break during your adventure.  Using a Taut-line Hitch will quickly solve this problem.

Some wilderness backpackers remove all of the guy line tensioning systems on their tents and use this knot exclusively.  If you are using a tarp system then this knot works very well on parachute/550 cord.    The Taut-line Hitch uses tension to secure itself.  If the knot becomes loose you can adjust it easily.

The Taut-line Hitch can also be used an anchoring knot when hanging or securing objects in your basecamp.  Climbers and Arborist also use this knot for various applications.

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