Superstition Mountains (Arizona)

Having A Whistle For Emergencies


Make sure you have a whistle on your next Wilderness Adventure.  A whistle is a very lightweight piece of gear that can be worn on your backpack or clothing.  Newer model whistles are also very durable and waterproof.  A whistle can provide you protection by scaring off wildlife.  Many types of wildlife find the high pitch sound unpleasant.  A whistle In an emergency situation  can alert others to your location.

Using your voice to yell for help has its limitations especially if you are injured and find it difficult to speak.  When you are in a dense wilderness forest your voice may not effectively penetrate through the trees .  A Whistle has a high pitch sound capable of cutting through dense forests and vegetation.

If you are in a valley or on top of a mountain a whistle will reach the ears of others much quicker and easier than your voice.  The important thing about having a whistle is to make sure it is readily accessible when needed.  Having it in your backpack or pocket in an emergency will make it difficult to deploy.  That difficulty can be the difference between life or death.

I carry my whistle on a lanyard that I wear on the shoulder straps of my backpack.  When I drop my backpack that same lanyard allows me to attach it to my outer clothing.  Many of the newer model whistles cost less than 10 dollars and you can purchase them online

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