Wilderness Go-Bag

Wilderness Go-Bag (Part 1)


Emergencies can occur on wilderness adventures.  Be prepared on your  next trip by having a Go-Bag with you.  A Go-Bag is a small pack or bag that has your essential wilderness gear.  A Go-Bag serves 3 purposes.

  • First, in an emergency situation a Go-Bag will allow you to sustain and survive in a wilderness environment until you reach a safe area or are rescued.
  • Second,  a Go-Bag can be used as a smaller pack on your daily explorations from your basecamp.
  • Third, A Go-Bag can organize and keep your wilderness gear in one pack allowing you to access your gear quickly without the need to search for an item in your larger backpack.

Below I have posted (2) videos on Go-Bags (Part 1 and 2).  In part (2) I discuss the items I put in my Go-Bag.  The next time you are backpacking consider having a Wilderness Go-Bag to make your adventure more organized and enjoyable.

Wilderness Go-Bag Part 1